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Our students, ranging from preschool through 12th grade, develop the skills that help them build upon each concept they learn. With individualized learning plans, motivation and practice, our center prepares students to become avid learners, encouraging success throughout their entire academic experience and beyond.


Aayush completes the Kumon Math Program!

Ask Aayush what has helped him the most in math while in school and he will tell you, Kumon.

Aayush is one of our higher level math students.  He benefited from the program tremendously and it enabled him to take higher level math in school.  In fact, Aayush enrolled in several college equivalent classes during high school, then went on to test and receive college credits while still in high school.

In addition, because of Aayush's advanced academic skills, he was able to apply for, and received, grants and scholarships for his initial year of college.  These financial assistance amounted to greater than $8000.00 dollars.  Aayush is attending CU Boulder.  The net cost of tuition and other fees to his parents were between 3,000 and 4,000 dollars.  The return on investment for Aayush's family in Kumon paid off with just the first year's savings in college.  Furthermore, he will continue to receive these grants and scholarships in future years and further benefit from his college education.  Many of our Kumon program completers say that the first two years of college are easy.  This is testament to the effectiveness of the Kumon program.  When students finish the program, they in effect are working at the college level.

With the rising cost of college tuitions and fees, getting the math program done early and out of the way helps to lessen the financial burden for families and gives the student a better future. 

Why not get started today and get ahead?

Great job Aayush!

Villi skips a grade in math due to Kumon!

Villi-Kay has been at our Longmont Kumon Center for almost 4 years and has made great strides in the Kumon program since she started.  This last school year, Villi took her schools placement test for math and placed 1st out of all the students in her math class.  Way to go Villi-Kay!  Additionally, the school placed Villi Kay in 7th grade math, and skipped one year ahead.  Villi-Kay is now working in algebra at Kumon (8th grade math) in which she continues to make great strides.  She works independently and is relying on self learning.  She asks questions when she has them.  Students gain an invaluable skill in self-learning and independence while studying at Kumon.  The Kumon method relies on students self-learning and independence.  It will be expected of them in college for which they will have been well prepared.

Villi-Kay will continue to stay ahead of the curve while enrolling in Kumon.  Because most of our students are so far ahead of class, many other students come to them for help for which they gladly do.  Villi-Kay's parents are quite pleased with her progress.  Congratulations Villi-Kay and kudos to your commitment to the Kumon Program.  Kumon math really works!

Sterling G. moves ahead by two grades in Math with Kumon's Math support

Sterling is currently in 6th grade in our school district, but due to his Kumon work, Sterling was one of the several students accepted into a class where a teacher will be teaching 8th Grade math material.  This will place Sterling almost two years ahead of his peers in math.  Like Villi-Kay, Sterling is working ahead of the curve and prepares him well for a brighter future.

Congratulations Sterling!

Sage is Sterling's older brother and he too is enrolled in the math program.  Sage's teacher often says to him that he has the best mental math calculation skills out of all his classmates!

Kevin makes great strides learning English with Kumon!

Kevin, our favorite exchange student from China, came to us 9 months ago and was starting as a 10th grader.  Coming to America for the first time, it was necessary that he be able to learn the language well and learn it quickly.  Kumon reading program proved to be just the ticket.

Kevin worked hard and today, he is at grade level (level H!) and is only four levels away from finishing the Kumon Reading program.  In nine short months, Kevin has not only gained confidence & greater understanding, but also speaks well enough to begin teaching other students as well!  Kevin, while a foreign student, is now working on material that native speakers would find challenging.  Kevin is preparing to enter college after he graduates from high school in the states.  His work in Kumon will help him because the higher level reading material is like the math program, equivalent to doing college level material. 

Way to go, Kevin!  Congratulations! 

Zan makes great math strides with Kumon

Zan is a great Kumon success story.  Zan came to us in second grade to get started in math.  In just six short months, working the Kumon Math program, Zan has excelled tremendously and is doing fourth grade work, while still in third grade.  Moreover, Zan is on track to be doing 5th grade math in just another five months!  The Kumon program is very effective at moving students ahead and get them to calculus.  Many of Zan's friends and friends parents were so impressed with Zan's results that they too decided to enroll.  Many of Zan's friends are now benefiting from the program and making advances similar to his. 

Shouldn't your students also be doing the same?

Congratulations Zan!

Kumon Reading takes Savannah higher!

From Savannah's Mother;

   "I love this program!  Savannah is in Kindergarten and she was just recently assessed for reading at school.  The school says that she is reading at an advanced level." 
   At our neighbor's house the other day, Savannahs friend, who is also in first grade, was doing her homework.  When Savannah saw the work, her first words were, 'I could do that! I could do her homework for her!'"  Her mom has to step in and put a stop to that!  Savannah is also enrolled in the math and again, she is working at an advanced level. 

Her mom and grandmother are quite pleased with Savannah's progress at Kumon and at school.

Shantel's Story

Shantel's parents decided she could use a little extra help with reading when at the beginning of the school year, her LEXIA reading test scores were below grade level. Just a few short months later, Shantel has completed several levels, and her teacher says she is at the top of her class for reading comprehension. With Kumon, Shantel’s LEXIA score improved 253 points by the end of the school year!

Ananya, 9th grader almost done with the Math program

Ananya has made phenomenal progress at Kumon.  She is only a 9th grader, yet is almost complete with the math program.  She is working in trigonometry currently and is on the path to finish calculus by tenth grade.  This will allow her to take college level courses and get credits for those.  Should she pass, this will save her time and money as she will not have to take the classes in college.  Ananya was in several math competitions and her friends were quite impressed with her understanding of higher level math concepts.

Awesome Ananya!